Thursday, November 17, 2011

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton or the artist's full name Paris Whitney Hilton is a very famous artist. Paris Hilton was born in New York City, New York, USA, February 17, 1981, when it means the 30-year-old Hilton. He was the son of Richard Hilton and Kathy Richards and heir of the Hilton Hotels Corporation and real estate company his father. He has a younger sister named Nicky Hilton and two younger brothers named Barron Hilton II and Conrad Hilton II.
Hilton became famous actor and reality show through the series The Simple Life. He became better known after his video when Hilton was having sex with his girlfriend at the time, Rick Salomon was leaked on the Internet. The video was later released as a DVD titled 1 Night in Paris on June 9, 2004. Hilton demanded Salomon, but his demands were canceled. Hilton received U.S. $ 400,000 and the percentage of profits are donated.
In addition to his world role, he was the singer of the song Stars Are Blind and cast film House of Wax.

Paris Hilton dealing with the law
Hilton was first arrested on September 7, 2006 because the car was caught driving a Mercedes in a state of alcoholic strength exceeds the threshold. He was sentenced to 36 days trial. In addition to paying fines, probation and he got his license suspended. During probation, Hilton partied like it again arrested by the police on January 15, 2007 for a foul. His driving license revoked. In February 2007, Hilton is still determined to also drive a Bentley car worth 190 000 U.S. $ hers in Hollywood. Without turning on headlights at night.
However, in March 2007, police caught him driving a car. In addition to violating probation and using a suspended driver's license, he is also a high-speed driving (speeding) without lights.
On May 4, 2007, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Sauer sentenced him to 45-day trial for committing a violation of probation. The trial court decided in Metropolitan Los Angeles. Hilton to undergo imprisonment in detention Century in Los Angeles starting June 5, 2007. Or, if not, he will be punished twice, ie 90 days in jail.
He lived in a block consisting of 12 cells. Each cell is filled with two prisoners. This is indeed a special cell for the celebrities, police officers, government officials, and other top groups. Prison is part of the Regional Detention Center in Lynwood, California, which houses more than 2,000 inmates. It gets right as residents of other cells, including at least one hour outside the cell to shower, watch television, outdoor recreation, or use the phone.
On August 28, 2010 Paris Hilton was arrested on charges of drug use. It was the artist of this one was often intersect with the law yes. However, this does not make the fans hate paris hilton. This is because the quality of the acting is good and because of exceptional achievement in the world of the artist.

The following are pictures of Paris Hilton

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